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About SPN

SPN is the leading provider of software and services for private and public collection.

SPN is a Norwegian company, established in 1994. Since then we have exclusively focused on developing, selling and managing software solutions for credit management. As a software vendor, we offer our customers debt collection software for their particular needs.

We have extensive expertise in software and debt collection.

The company’s headquarters are in Sandefjord, Norway.

Core Areas

  • Manage software for debt collection, also known as application management. 
  • Provide preventive maintenance and ICT services, and progress development and customer projects.
  • Services related to the company’s own software represents a large part of our business. This is mainly project management, implementation of projects and Business Process Optimization. ASP hosting of our own software is becoming more and more popular.
  • We offer ASP services from our own operations center, and also SaaS (Software as a Service).